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EXPERTISE > Private Sector Development

Private sector is a basis for efficient economic growth and development and is a source of the country’s wealth and competitiveness. Private sector creates jobs and incomes which allow more people in the country to benefit from economical growth. A powerful small business sector leads to greater competition and more efficient use of the resources. Private business plays a key role in technological development and innovations. Small and medium entrepreneurs constitute a powerful and dynamic group eager to participate in the decision- and policy making, thus leading to development of more pluralistic society and accountable political system. The economical and social benefits of the private sector development make it an efficient instrument for donors and communities to promote economies based on the principals of social just and market efficiency.


The key qualifications of ABG in the sector are as follows:

  • Facilitation of institutional and legal frameworks for business development, stimulation of small business sector and innovation
  • Institutional development, policy changes
  • Investment promotion
  • Establishment of advisory networks for exchange of know how and information
  • Private business development in close co-operation with public authorities, NGOs, SMEs and other stakeholders
  • Direct advice and consulting to small and medium enterprises in business planning, marketing, access to finance, innovation, commercialisation, export
  • Assistance to microfinance institutions and private banks in developing credit products tailored to the needs of small and rural businesses
  • Complex training programmes for various target group on national, regional and local levels, including training workshops, seminars, study tours abroad
  • Dissemination through manuals, bulletins, mass media, websites