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EXPERTISE > Rural Development

The ultimate goal of rural development is to improve the standard of living of the rural population which includes:

  • creation of employment opportunities and increase of household income;
  • improvement of infrastructure, i.e. housing and housing opportunities, traffic and transport facilities, public transportation, shopping facilities, water supply and energy supply, medical care, educational system and training programmes, social & cultural events;
  • sound socio-cultural and environmental conditions;
  • strengthening of identification of local people with their village and region.

Rural development is only successful if elaboration of the regional concepts and their implementation is based on the responsible participation of the targeted rural community, and can only function within the complex context of nation-wide, regional and community development. Based on many years of experience, ABG applies broad-based approaches to ensure sustainable implementation of the rural development strategies.

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EXPERTISE > Private Sector Development

Private sector is a basis for efficient economic growth and development and is a source of the country’s wealth and competitiveness. Private sector creates jobs and incomes which allow more people in the country to benefit from economical growth. A powerful small business sector leads to greater competition and more efficient use of the resources. Private business plays a key role in technological development and innovations. Small and medium entrepreneurs constitute a powerful and dynamic group eager to participate in the decision- and policy making, thus leading to development of more pluralistic society and accountable political system. The economical and social benefits of the private sector development make it an efficient instrument for donors and communities to promote economies based on the principals of social just and market efficiency.

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EXPERTISE > Agricultural Development and Marketing

In developing countries where the biggest share of the population lives in rural areas and depends on agricultural production, agricultural development plays a key role in poverty alleviation and sustainable growth. It creates a basis for sustainable rural development and improvement of living standards. Through appropriate management of land, water, and waste agriculture can promote environmental sustainability. Agricultural development promoted by the donors is aimed to increase production efficiency and promote new technologies and sustainable use of resources. Today when the World faces the challenge of nearly doubling food production in order to meet the food needs of an increasing population, combined with environmental challenges, agricultural development receives an increased importance.

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EXPERTISE > Access to Credit and Business Financing Services

It is well recognised that the SME sector contributes considerably to employment generation, national output, innovations, regional development. To facilitate the role of the SME sector as a development trigger, it is important to provide adequate access to credit and other financial sources.  Rural finance is considered to be a vital tool in poverty reduction and rural development. There are a number of instruments aimed at provision of access to credit to SMEs and rural businesses, from provision of favourable credit lines through commercial banks to fostering development of credit cooperation.

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EXPERTISE > Institutional Capacity Building

We consider institutional capacity building as a key tool to ensure the longer-term sustainability of any projects’ interventions.  It aims to enhance the capacity of governments, businesses, communities and non-governmental organisations to plan and manage development measures efficiently and effectively. Moreover, it allows the local counterparts who received assistance to act as a resource for the other local institutions, thus multiplying the effects of the technical assistance.

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