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ABG has extensive and diverse experience in implementation of bi-lateral and multi-lateral technical assistance projects world-wide, in particular in Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and CIS regions. Since 1990 the company has been implementing large technical assistance projects in Asian and European countries for EU’s Tacis and Phare programmes, ADB, EBRD, World Bank and German bi-lateral aid programmes and has successfully completed a variety of contracts, earning a solid international reputation as a results-orientated company.

ABG provides conceptual and strategic advice, practical assistance and training for management, pilot testing of new schemes and technologies, marketing and development strategies. We implemented projects for micro, small and medium-size enterprises and agribusiness development in different countries and environments like Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, Latvia, Croatia, Russia, Bulgaria, with every of our project focusing on effective and efficient private sector development measures and establishment of sustainable institutional infrastructure.

ABG GmbH operates through the headquarters in Germany with highly qualified and efficient staff, experienced in project management and backstopping. For the implementation of the projects, we create well tailored teams, able to face challenges and achieve project objectives.

Our approach is to build trustworthy relations with the local partners and contracting authority and commit to meeting their requirements and needs. Throughout our long-term record of successful project implementation, we have developed many tools to ensure high quality of projects’ performance, in particular through efficient backstopping and internal monitoring practices.

Capacity building plays an important role in every project and includes advice to national and local governments, elaboration of development concepts and methodologies, as well as community based interventions.

Most of the projects implemented by our company contained beneficiary and impact assessment, provision of beneficiaries and stakeholders feedback, project planning and design etc.

ABG has profound experience using various communication strategies to disseminate outputs of the implemented projects to wide target groups, implementation of surveys, public awareness campaigns and internet based tools, complex training programs and study tours.

On many occasions we have assisted contracting authorities and local counterparts in implementation of supply tenders including specifications, tender documentation and selection.